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Hi and welcome to the new SnapBangWallop web site..

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5.Haya Sehar(non-registered)
I really don’t know exactly what to write other than I really loved reading through a couple of of your articles. Great articles for sure. I will keep visiting your blog regularly. I learned a lot from you. Thanks!
I wish I could improve half as much as you are developing right now. The changes that we get to see now are so unique and are gaining much popularity than anything else, which is related to it on the web right now.
I am not sure which came first, my being nosey or an interest in 'street photography', but a fascination with people and the way they live their lives is why I enjoy .
2.Nancy Weavers(non-registered)
Incredible photos Nick! Love the web site.
1.Pat Hammill(non-registered)
When I pulled up LInkedin I saw your name and was impressed to see you love photography. Impressisve
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